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Neal splint is moisture resistance, light weight, strong porous, X-ray translucent, durable and easily removable. Neal splint is excellent in mould-ability (flexible in molding). Good in look, unique and complete comfort to the patient. Simple and easy in use.

Neal polyester splint is specially design for countries and peoples, who are conscious about environmental hazards. It can be dispose or burn without any environmental hazards. Neal splint hardness & strength is much better than a splint ever is.

Neal splint dries so fast, because of mesh fabric which allows air pass, hydriphobic polypropylene make splint more comforable then ever.


  • Select required size of Neal splint and open it. (For roll type splint cut required size and seal foil immediately by the help of seal clip, which is available with every single splint box) to protect from air & moisture.
  • Immerse splint in water at room 15~30c for 3~5 seconds and squeeze 3~4 times for complete penetration of water in splint.
  • Clean excessive water by the help of rolled towel.
  • Apply splint on desire area, and wrap with elastic bandage for set.
  • Mould splint in desire shape. (It should be within 4 minutes fro, begging).
  • Wait 20 minutesto achieve satisfactory results, hardness or strength. (Do not burden or move by anyway, may affect on desire mould)


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