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Neal Repair Kit

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(Industrial Pipe Repairing Tape) is knitted by fiberglass impregnated with water-activated polyurethane resin. The fabric used in the preparation of the roll is flexible in all directions which make it very comfortable in use. Exposure to any moisture, including ambient humidity, will cause the tape to harden and become Rigid. The setting time for this product is approximately 5 minutes and will be temperature or pressure endurable in 10 minutes after setting.

The main cause of leakage is by, water, steam, acid, aikali, organic solvent gasoline & other gas or chemicals. Repairing tape is effective on, normal steel pipe, lead pipe, stainless pipe, metal pipe, PVC pipe, or rubber pipe, fiberglass, and concrete pipe.

Rust hinder effectually, endless repairing jobs, temperature-300 bearing capacity. Un-harm when apply on drinking water pipe leakage. Immerse in water 5~10 seconds & take out, after 30~60 seconds will resume to produce bubbles foam. We have a range of sizes, which ease and allow repairing every size of pipe leakage.

Instruction for Use

  • Tum off valve to stop the flow of water gas or other supplies
  • Clear the surface where repairing tape has to apply
  • Wear the glove, take out the epoxy putty, mix well, and apply on demolish or destory area.
  • Tear the pouch of repairing tape.
  • Immerse 20~25 degree water, for 10 seconds.
  • Scroll 3~5 layer on defective area.
  • Take some water on gloves; mold for 5 minutes by removing the bubbles or foam, which will appear during mold.